Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid by Nneka Ijeoma

Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid by Nneka Ijeoma

Book Description

Published by Kachifo Limited, Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid is Nneka’s unique and witty way of talking about all that goes on behind the scenes at a typical modern wedding. She uses her personal experiences to discuss the intricacies of weddings and with her hilarious manner, she still manages to pass across vital information and advice that will be useful for young ladies, bridesmaids, brides to be and the various vendors who are integral to the value chain of the rapidly growing wedding industry. Nneka does a splendid job of introducing you to characters, who are inspired by her real-life friends, who she has been a bridesmaid for over the years, and this makes the characters instantly relatable. From Last minute Fatima to Laid back Uju, and all the personalities in between, she will have you laughing (and sometimes cringing) at her brilliant narration of the medley of tasks and chores (ridiculous and otherwise), usually ascribed to bridesmaids.

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