Fisayo Tuoyo: Pepper Them Gang

Fisayo Tuoyo: Pepper Them Gang

There will always be people who are just mad at the fact that you’re alive and that you breathe. Lol. You didn’t do anything o but they see you or they know you’re alive and that alone makes them go boom! and they are triggered. Lol. Case in point Jesus and the Pharisees’s. Mhen those guys really hated His guts! Shay, they Kuku killed Him abi? Ehn no wahala, that’s why He died for us so that when people are hating this should be your response…

Give them that OluwaBeyonce laugh. Laugh, ignore and keep it moving. What people think about you is none of your business, especially if it’s purely negative. Don’t you know that thieves don’t break into houses that aren’t valuable? The value God has placed on your life and purpose will always attract haters. Laugh because you are valuable! Lol.

Hehehehehehehe. We gon be alright!


When have you “peppered” your haters in the past? Lol.

I’d love to hear your comments below.



Wake up, kick ass, be awesome while doing it, repeat. If you like having extra pepper with your food add genuine joy and happiness on top and watch their faces crumble in utter despair.

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